Buyers agent boot camp

Real life training for buyers agents

Buyers Agent Boot Camp helps new and inexperienced agents learn best practices when helping buyers. This course includes common questions asked by buyers, and how to answer these questions, many tools and checklist when working with buyers, searching for a property, submitting an offer, and what to do once your offer is accepted all the way to closing. There is content that was not included in the Pre-License courses and can help the new agent be successful and gain confidence quickly!

” It was almost as if it was a secret that experienced agents did not want new agents to know”

Annie Wong
Real Estate Agent

You passed your real estate exam, Now what?

If you answered
to any of those questions, this course is for you!


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Me As A New Agent:

After passing my state exam, I signed up with a small brokerage thinking I would get some guidance on what to do with clients but I did not, I was totally on my own…

I quickly found that the pre-license course did not prepare me to be a good agent.

The pre-license course teaches about the fundamentals of real estate, terms, ethics, and laws but does not really cover what would be expected of an agent when working with buyers and sellers.

I knew I could be a good agent but was just so concerned about making a mistake. It weighed on me that I could miss something, make a mistake, or cost my clients additional expenses.

I took the responsibility seriously because I know buying and selling homes is one of the biggest financial decisions people make, and mistakes could cost big money!


Being and Agent
than just opening doors and going to closings!

As an agent, if you do not know the process, the mistake could cost a buyer money or lead to frustration. Not knowing might keep a buyer form getting an offer accepted, paying more than they should, or losing their escrow deposit. 

This could result in a bad reputation for an agent. These days reviews and testimonials are so readily available online, making a mistake could cost a new agent more than a commission, it could cost them their career. It is so important that this information is learned sooner rather than later. 

I learned from asking many questions and research, but while I was building up my confidence and learning all I could, I searched and searched for a course that taught the process of buying and selling.

of the courses taught real life training!

Most of them provided marketing, and how to find buyers and sellers.

Most “training” websites have high priced monthly subscriptions that provide marketing materials, but not how to be a competent agent. 


It provides a new buyers agent with the tools and information they need to know.


1. How to respond to common questions.

2. Have checklist on what comes next

3.Become confident of what is expected of you.

4. And much more!

After LEARNING the information that has taken me years to compile, you will easily be able to compete against the more experienced agents.


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You will know what to say to gain client’s business!

Confidence usually comes with experience and this puts you on the fast track to gaining knowledge quicker. 

I know many coaches and online courses boast HIGH returns for their HIGH TICKET programs and I am not trying to compete with those programs at all.

I want to give new agents needed information to be successful at a price that doesn’t hurt their budget. I guess you could say that I am trying to level the playing field. 

My goal for this course is to help new agents with the process of a transaction from the beginning to the end, and with this knowledge go on to be successful with their clients. 

Save You Time

Step by step process from starting out, to closing a sale, and everything in between!

Know The Buying Process

Details once you find a buyer, filling out a contract, and what is expected at closing.

Save You and Your Clients Money

Tips on streamlining your business and negotiating for your clients.

Answers To Common Questions

Never be afraid that your buyer is going to ask a question that you do not know the answer to. 200+ Questions with examples on how to answer.

Create Confidence

Knowing what to do next, and how to explain it to buyers.

Templates For Your Business

Buyer Questionnaire, Buyer Presentation, Property Detail Book, Showing Package, And More!



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Details of the course

Lesson 1 – Working with Buyers

·        Types of Buyers – How to identify and what to do

·        What is Your Ideal Client? – How to figure out who you want to work with

·        What Buyers Can Expect from You? – How to present yourself when first meeting a buyer

·        Pre-Qualification Questions – Simple questions to ask when first speaking with clients

·        Buyer Interview – Questions to ask buyer to determine wants and needs

·        Buyer Presentation – Ideas on what to include in your buyers presentation and a sample

·        Questions About Your Experience – How to answer questions when you don’t have much experience

·        Questions About Purchasing – How to answer buyers questions when asked about the process

Lesson 2 – Property Features

·        Types of Property – Determining what type of property buyers wish to purchase

·        Interior and Exterior Features – Different types of interior and exterior features

·        New Construction – Advantages of buying new construction

·        Home Owners  Association Overview – Questions to ask and how to explain components of an HOA

·        Distressed Properties – Difference between foreclosure and short sales and what to expect

Lesson 3 – Financing Options

·        Why Buyers Need a Pre-Approval? – Response to buyers who object to getting pre-approved

·        Types of Financing – Detailed explanation of different loan types and financing options

·        Mortgage Payment Explained – How to explain in simple terms

·        Mortgage Terms – Definitions of basic mortgage terms

·        Questions About Mortgages – How to respond to buyers simple questions regarding mortgages

Lesson 4 – Searching For Property

·        Steps to Purchasing Property – How to explain the process to buyers in simple terms

·        Setting Up a Search – What information is needed to set up a search

·        Previewing Property -Why you should and what to do

·        Showing Property – What to do and what to look for

Lesson 5 – Deciding on a Property

·        Determining Buyers or Sellers Market – How to recognize the current market conditions

·        Common Closing Costs for Buyers – Estimated costs of what your buyers should expect

·        What to Consider About a Property – Questions to ask and research that needs to be done before submitting an offer

·        Creating a Comparable Market Analysis – How to create a CMA and what features to include

Lesson 6 – Submitting An Offer

·        What is Needed for An Offer? – Details on what you will need to fill out contract

·        What Makes a Good Offer? – What to add to make the offer attractive to buyer and seller

·        Objection Handlers – How to respond to common objections

·        Contract Questions – How to respond to common questions asked when submitting an offer

·        Negotiating –  Strategies when submitting and countering an offer

Lesson 7 – Contract to Close

·        Offer Accepted – What to expect from contract to close

·        Inspection – What to expect during an inspection and how to handle issues

·        Lender Responsibilities – Steps to getting the mortgage approved

·        Home Owners Insurance – What to look for in home owners insurance

·        Title Work – Details of what the title company will do for the closing

·        Moving Information – Questions to ask a moving company

·        Closing Delays – What can cause a closing delay

·        Closing Day – What is expected from buyers, sellers, title, and lender on closing day

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Satisfaction Guaranteed.  NO risk to you.  If the course is not what you expected, please let us know within 30 days for a full refund.

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A little about me:

I have been Realtor in Florida since 2010, am a Broker Associate,  and a Mortgage Loan Originator.  I wanted to provide an affordable course that would help new agents with the transaction and answering questions.  I am an educator by heart and always willing to help another agent out.  I feel that the industry should come from a place of helping each other and our clients.  Hoping to help new agents feel confident to help their clients.