Previewing Property

Once you are licensed, and have joined a brokerage, and the local board of Realtors, you will have access to active property on the MLS.  The best way to become familiar with a neighborhood or area, is to visit the current inventory.  This will give you confidence in speaking about the local market, because you will have seen it first hand.  It also costs no money to do so.

It is easiest to preview vacant property but if you have a possible client for an occupied property, make sure when scheduling the preview that you let the listing agent know so the owner or renter does not feel like they should leave.  You also want to be respectful and not interrupt or inconvenience the seller.  If there is an open house over the weekend, try to preview then.  

If you are looking to become of the expert of a particular area, it is a good idea to know the available homes in the area.  Take a few hours a week to tour vacant homes, drive through neighborhoods, and become familiar with the builders and floor plans. 


  • Costs no money.
  • Easiest to preview vacant property.
  • Try to preview during open houses.
  • If trying to become an expert of an area, see all available homes.
  • Important to take a few hours a week to tour vacant homes, neighborhoods, and builders.
  • Helps keep track of houses new to market.
  • Listing a home near property that you are viewing.
  • Saves time with buyers who are looking.
  • To see floor plan.
  • Take video and photos for out of town buyers.
  • Upcoming open house near property and want to be able to let visitors know about other homes in area.
  • You plan on farming the area so knowing about all inventory is important.
  • Provides instant local experience with prospective clients (creates confidence).


  • Select 4 to 5 active listings (preferably vacant or easy to show)
  • Research Expired listings near active listings.
  • Set up showings for active listings.
  • Make notes on the property visited and find 3 features about property to point out to prospective clients
  • After previewing, visit expired listings.
  • If they are available, let them know about the listings you just previewed and the current market.


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